What We Do

SNIP conducts low cost spay and neuter clinics four times a year for feral, free-roaming and homeless cats in Contra Costa County. These clinics are held on Sundays at the Contra Costa County Animal Services facility in Martinez.

Cats registered in the program will be altered and immunized for
only $20 each

Our Process


On the day of the event, each cat is assigned an identification number for tracking of the animal as it moves through the procedure.


Animals are then prepped for surgery and checked for issues that may require attention. While in surgery, cats will have their left ear tipped.

Ear Photo

Post Surgery

After surgery animals are treated for FVRCP, Rabies and fleas. When necessary, fluids and/or antibiotics will be administered.


During recovery, aniamls are returned to their original traps to rest. While in recovery cats are carefully monitored to watch for breathing and other issues.

Ready to Register?

To participate in the program, cats must first be qualified and registered prior to an event. It is important to regsister early as openings are limited and fill up quickly due to the popularity of the program.

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