How It Works

The Spay Neuter Impact Program is available to caregivers of qualified Contra Costa County feral and free-roaming cats.

Step 1: Qualifications

To qualify for the program cats must meet the following requirements:

  • Cat is a Contra Costa County feral or free-roaming animal.
  • Cat will be returned / released outside where it was originally trapped.
  • Cat is a minimum of 5 months old.

Pregnant cats or mothers with lactating kittens are accepted if kittens are 8+ weeks old and are nursing little, or not at all.

Step 2: Registration

Cats must be registered four weeks in advance of our clinics. To register animals leave a message on our dedicated voicemail box and one of our volunteers will return your call to provide you with information and answer questions.

For Reservations Call: (925) 473-5027

Step 3: Trapping Cats

Before trapping animals, be sure to make your reservation. When trapping cats, only humane traps should be used, this will help prevent injury to the animal.

Only 1 cat per trap

Trapping Tips Where To Get Traps

Step 4: Dropoff

Cats can be dropped off starting at 8:30am on the day of the clinic. It is recommended caregivers completely cover traps with towels or blankets to help calm the animal.

Please note, cats must be delivered in a humane trap, lined with newspaper. Caregivers delivering animals in cages or other unapproved enclosures will not qualify for registration.

Once cats are checked in, caregivers will be given paperwork for their animal(s) which will include identification numbers. When returning later that day to pick up your animal(s) please bring the paperwork with you.


Step 5: Picking Up Animals

Cats can be picked up begining at 3:30pm on the date of the clinic. You will be given the timeframe during registration.

Step 6: Post Surgery Care

After surgery cats should be confined indoors for one to five days depending on the sex of the animal and the surgery performed. This is for their safety and observation.

Care Instructions

Step 7: Release of Animal

After the designated timeframe has passed and if cats seem alert, clear-eyed and are not displaying any signs of problems related to their surgery they can be released.

Please note animals must be returned to where they were trapped - do not relocate them!

Release Instructions